Trophy for Triglav Insurance Company

As part of the "Create a Cup" project of Triglav Insurance, Chemets used 3D printing and a focus on sustainability to create two trophies for the ski jumping grand final in Planica. The first trophy was awarded to the winner of the competition, and the second was a special honour to ski legend Peter Prevc on the occasion of his farewell to his professional career.
Foto- Ana Kovač
About the project:

For the second year in a row, Triglav Insurance Company has chosen us as a key partner in the “Create a Cup” project. The competition invites young people to draw, with the winning entry coming to life in the form of a prestigious trophy, giving the author the chance to present the trophy to the big winner of the competition in Planica. More than 1700 young ski jumping enthusiasts responded to the design of the Planica 7 Cup. The real trophy was created in Chemets based on the drawing “Winner 7” by 12-year-old Tjaša Vreš from Limbuš. In the spirit of the fame of one of our greatest ski jumping champions, Peter Prevc, and the overwhelming number of children’s drawings received, Triglav Insurance decided to honour the athlete by creating a celebratory statue to mark the occasion of his farewell to his professional sporting career. This statue is also based on a selected child’s drawing and is discreetly decorated with the Triglav Insurance Company logo.

Development and implementation:

The “Prevc” and “Planica 7” trophies were created using advanced 3D technology capable of capturing complex details with a high degree of accuracy. This technology proved crucial in the design of highly detailed elements such as the wings, talons and beak of the eagle on the trophy, and in the statue of Peter Prevc, where the Triglav Insurance Company logo and the fine lettering on the skis were key details.

Choosing a 3D printer

Unlike filament-based FDM technology, which would result in poor visual appearance and the need for extensive manual work on such details, we opted for 3D printing using HP’s powder-based printer. This allowed us to:

  • Print all pieces simultaneously
  • Save on time and materials
  • Reuse of surplus material
  • Minimal waste in the form of dust
The dyeing process

Both artworks have undergone a hand-colouring process after printing. The basic gold paint was applied with spray paint, while the details were highlighted with acrylic paints, which were meticulously applied by the winner, Tjaša Vreš. The statue of Peter Prevc was completely covered in gold paint, highlighting everything from Prevc’s record-breaking jump to the thanksgiving and the Triglav logo.

This precision and the ability to show fine details with a rough surface are proof that 3D printing on an HP printer is the preferred choice for projects that combine art and technical sophistication.


The Prevc and Planica 7 Cup was 3D printed, as this is the only technology that allows for fast production and the required details, such as the eagle (wings, talons, beak) and the statue of Peter Prevc, the logo of the Triglav Insurance Company and the small inscriptions on the skis.

Such details would be out of the question with FDM-on-filament technology, as the result would be poor appearance and a lot of manual work.


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