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What is 3D printing for us?

For us, 3D printing is the starting point for the production of prototypes, models, and series. It’s our responsibility and we’re always up to the task. We work with professional industrial 3D equipment, we have an enormous amount of knowledge, and we use a wide variety of materials. We are focussed on more demanding 3D printing. The more demanding the product is to produce, the more suitable the cutting-edge technology we use is.

For us, the word ‘impossible’ doesn’t exist. In order to produce the first piece or series together with you, we need to find the most optimal solution with 3D printing. Then, we can go one step further by producing models and casting different types of plastic, rubber, ceramic, metal, and other materials.

We bring speed, responsiveness, and integrity to the fore in the way we go about our business. We produce 3D prints, prototypes, and series of products. With the touch of a puma! When it comes to 3D printing, we stand by the PUMA method, which enables comprehensive problem solving, uniqueness, and an unparalleled approach, leading to minimising costs and maximising success not to mention proactivity in business.

3D printing Chemets Voxeljet Barbara

What forms the basis for 3D printing?

The basis for producing a 3D print is a 3D computer drawing that has either an .STP or an .STL file extension. How the model is prepared is of prime importance, as the quality of the printed part depends on it.
In the case that the client does not have the model in the file format required for 3D production, we can provide assistance with this.

The client, in this case, presents to us his idea as well as the characteristics of the planned product. The first step is a 2D sketch of the product along with the desired dimensions, which our designers and developers then review and draw up in 3D, in line with the client’s wishes, requirements, and ideas for further production. We draw up and put together the product in such a way that production costs are as low as possible while the speed of production is as high as possible, already in the prototyping and testing phase. All of this has a positive effect on the subsequent implementation of the product into series production.

Depending on the usability of the new product, its design, and the suitability in terms of measurement, we seek out the most suitable method of production available. We take into account the size, the number of components, the technical properties of the material, and the desired production time of the product. The selected 3D printing technology is recommended according to the requirements of testing, eg: testing the design, the suitability of measurement, functionality, technical properties of the material, etc.

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How do we select the most suitable technology for your 3D print?

In collaboration with you, we take your idea all the way to the realisation of your first product and/or series. We will ask you all kinds of questions about your new product: about its purpose, your requirements, your wishes and needs regarding testing, verification, and the production of a series.

We will ask you about the material,  technical requirements, surface finish, its usability,  the functionality of the product, your desired production time, the added value the product brings, the purpose, what exactly you want to test, what purpose the product will serve, the specifics of how to use it, the resources you have available, and much more.

With regard to the number of desired pieces, the desired surface finish, colour, delivery time, and the expected price, we will advise you on the most suitable production, based on our many years of experience.

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Colour 3D prints

In principle, every manufacturer of 3D printers uses its own technology and specific material, having its own technical characteristics and own particular colour. There are also 3D printers, although not that common, that allow for the multicolour 3D printing of parts, all at the same time. As things currently stand, the most functional and useful multicolour prints are made from PA material by way of inkjet technology. Only this allows for the highly accurate printing of details in the form of letters, images, codes, and even texts.

The spectrum of materials in 3D printing extends from transparent materials and temperature-resistant materials, all the way up to mechanically durable, stretchable, and also bi-compatible materials. You can read more about 3D printing materials here.

 3D prints can also be post-processed and finished, as well as painted, galvanised, and varnished.

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What does 3D printing cost?

The associated cost for prototyping or the production of a first product or construction by way of 3D printing depends on the size of the piece, the material requested, the surface required, the quantity, as well as the deadline. All of these factors influence the decision as to the most appropriate choice of technology. The advantage at CHEMETS, in terms of the services we provide, is that we are not limited by technology, so we are able to choose the most appropriate one for your needs.

We recommend that you start prototyping gradually, then test the market and seek out the funds you need as soon as possible. From the first stage of the process, it is important to include a designer, constructor, and producer of prototypes.

It is important to keep in mind the objective of keeping eventual series production costs as low as possible when drawing the product from the outset.

Your costs in developing the prototype and the first few products will also be lower if you test the product step-by-step. It is better to make minor adjustments to a product than to overhaul it entirely, or even the tooling at a later stage.

Ask us what it will cost to 3D print your product. We will respond quickly and pay attention to your needs. The basis for calculating the price is a 3D computer model, as well as knowing the desired material for your purposes, the surface, quantity, and delivery time.

price for 3D printing and prototyping

Is 3D prototyping a cost or an investment?

There is often a dilemma whether prototyping with 3D technologies, which includes 3D printing, is a cost or an investment. We can resolve this dilemma by comparing prototyping with 3D technologies as opposed to the production of tooling for injection moulding purposes.

The experience we have at Chemets is that in the beginning phase of the development of a product, especially in smaller quantities, it is definitely better to go ahead with 3D technologies, while for larger quantities it makes sense to take the path of tooling for injection moulding. Read more about this here.

For example, let’s compare the production of vacuum-casted parts with injection-moulded parts by way of classic tooling. The price per piece of injection-moulded parts is lower and therefore this method of production is suitable for the production of large series runs. The price per piece of vacuum-casted parts is higher, but it is possible to make just one piece or a smaller production run of  products, which is most definitely enough to test the market.

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Advantages of 3D printing

We, at Chemets, believe that all 3D printing technologies are good. We find it hard to talk about which is the best or which is the worst. We can only talk about right or wrong decisions regarding the type of printing used, which of course depends on knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the available technologies. Chemets covers the entire range of technologies. The reason for the development and growth of 3D technologies can be found in the globalisation of the market and the high level of competition between companies, which are increasingly aware that in addition to functionality, design is even more important, particularly in the trend towards personalisation, uniqueness, and rapid product implementation. 3D printing is on the rise.

Individual companies with a bold vision and the awareness that 3D industrial printers will soon represent significant competition to injection moulded parts for certain products, due to the speed with which designs can be changed and personalised, are already adapting to these new technologies. If you are also thinking about a new direction and 3D industrial printing, we at Chemets are always at your disposal with advice and information about 3D printers for plastic, wax, and foundry sand.

3D technologies allow for the acceleration of the process of product development so that when producing a simple prototype or product, we are able to talk about hours instead of days or weeks. The cost is always adjusted to your purposes and your product. Based on the experience of our clients, we at Chemets are able to say that the use of 3D printing accelerates the speed of product development by up to 8 times, or more.

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Yes, i want to start developing a prototype, 3D product, mould, core or series.

Marko Tertinek
Marko Tertinek
We came across the company Chemets around 4 years ago, when we began to enter foreign markets and were faced with buyers, who demanded that we produce prototypes of plastic bottles, before confirming the move to begin with tooling. At the time, we were forced to find a solution in terms of producing a prototype as soon as possible, whilst at the same time being cost efficient. We found a solution with the company Chemets, who with their price accessibility, fast production and flexibility, helped in the production of new plastic bottles.
Iztok Valant
Livar d.d.
Iztok Valant
Livar d.d.
We have been using printed sand forms for the casting of prototypes for the past 5 years from our indispensable partner company Chemets, for reasons of their adaptability with respect to technology, price and delivery times. With our collective experience and knowledge, we are able to easier resolve the challenges, which our buyers face in the developmental phases of their products.
Januš Meglič
PGP INDE, d.o.o.
Januš Meglič
PGP INDE, d.o.o.
We are very pleased to have found the company Chemets, as they offer us a price competitive solution and quick production times for reaching our goals. Their professional approach and expert advice led us to the quick production of a soft and flexible shoe sole prototype, which they were able to do on the basis of the model we provided them. We secured the sole to the upper part of the shoe with all necessary materials and components. In doing so, we obtained a prototype of a shoe with all the characteristics of a mass produced one, at a price between two to three times lower than that which we could have produced ourselves.
Ekipa Improve d.o.o.
Ekipa Improve d.o.o.
”In working with Chemets what we liked was their individualised approach to the project and focus on comprehensive support throughout the development of the product. The pallet of knowledge they offer enables the development of an idea all the way to a finished prototype, suitable for series production. We recommend them to anyone who is looking for an agile partner in development.“


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Yes, i want to start developing a prototype, 3D product, mould, core or series.