Our mission, vision and management policy

Our mission

Who are we?

We provide advice, we inform and we educate as well as helping individuals and businesses to physically bring their ideas to life, to materialise them, and we do this 8 times faster than normal, getting them to launch onto the market.

We are a prototyping center, and together with our customers, we search for solutions to resolve their needs, fulfil their requirements and bring to life their wish for a unique product or a small series.

We are experts in all types of 3D technology as well as rapid production processes, meaning that the word ‘IMPOSSIBLE’ simply does not exist in our vocabulary.


Where would you like to go?

To become a well-known, technologically and professionally advanced prototype center, where our customers feel safe in the knowing that they are getting the best solutions for their needs.

We provide advice to our customers, and guide them by offering assistance to their production needs at all stages of development from a 3D drawing to the production of a product or small series, all the way to entering the market.

We help our customers realise where their value lies and add value to their business.

Management policy

How will we achieve this?

In order for us to achieve our strategic goals, the following key guidelines were established:

  • to recognise our customers’ challenges, wishes, demands, and needs.
  • by focussing on the satisfaction of every customer as well as the needs of the market.
  • we are focused on finding the best solution for each individual customer, so that they end up with a comprehensive solution that is ‘custom made’ by way of a totally individual approach.
  • it is important for us to have a respectful and transparent relationship with our customers, so much so that they see us and recognise us as a truly reliable partner.
  • we take our own, unique ‘PUMA’ approach, so that our customers get exactly what they need
  • quickly, in high quality, and within established financial constraints and within the agreed time
  • we seek out any number of unique solutions, from the production of spare parts, one-off and promotional products, statues, models…
  • after the completion of any given project, we measure our customers’ satisfaction with the aim of improving our services
  • we operate according to ISO 9001:2015 principles: leadership, decision-making based on facts, project approach and continuous improvement
  • we operate according to the principles of ISO 14001:2015: we are committed to the prevention of environmental pollution and the continuous improvement of the environmental  management system
  • we are proactive in dealing with the environment
  • we are committed to monitoring and complying with applicable legislation
  • we cooperate with the public, if necessary
  • we reject the production of new products that cannot be 100% recycled
  • we take into account the “R3” concept (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)
  • within the company, we work according to an agreed and written code of ethics