Manufacturing spare parts for a yacht using 3d printing and vacuum casting

About the project

At Chemets, we understand the challenges of finding spare parts for older models or making cost-effective replacements. One of our clients, the owner of a 1986 Elan 31 S yacht named Sara, struggled to find normal spare parts for her vessel. Due to the necessity of maintaining an older boat and the unavailability of spare parts, the customer approached us for assistance.

Development and execution

After the customer experienced frequent failures with the right hook on the sunroof of his sailboat, causing water to splash into the cabin, they visited our premises in Šenčur near Kranj. We then made several pieces of the window knob based on a sample. The process involved repairing the damaged part brought in, which served as a model for creating a silicone mould. This allowed for the production of a smaller batch.

Choice of technology

For this project, we selected vacuum casting technology, which enables the high-quality replication of existing parts using a silicone mould. This method was perfect for producing small series and allows for the production of parts in different materials and colors, tailored to the client’s preferences. The parts needed to withstand weather conditions and exposure to salt water, so choosing the appropriate.


The project to manufacture spare parts for the yacht Sara was an exceptional example of how Chemets’ customized technological solutions can meet specific client needs. By combining expertise and innovative approaches, we were able to enable the client to keep their yacht functional and safe, despite the challenges posed by time. At Chemets, we take pride in the fact that our solutions contribute to the long-term usability and satisfaction of our clients.

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