Which technology to choose?

The market today offers many different 3D technologies and more and more suppliers of different types of printers which allow for the production of prototypes. The decision about which one to choose often leads the client into problems, when they are looking for the right solution for the production of a desired prototype or small series production run.

We at Chemets understand your problems, and that is why together with you we look for the optimal solution to the production of your prototype or small series production run on the basis of your needs, demands and wishes with regard to surface finish, colour, functionality, deadline, quantity and the like.

Because we want to offer our clients the best possible production and efficient entry onto the market, we at Chemets continue to follow the latest trends on the market of 3D printing and want to be the first with the most modern technology. Our goal is that in collaboration with us, you will feel safe and that your produced parts are exactly those as you expected them to be.

It is with much pride that we, as the first prototyping centre in Slovenia, are able to produce just one piece or a small series production run of functional plastic COLOURED prototypes (PA) on the most modern HP printer with Multi Jet Fusion technology, which is not only reliable, but produces functional parts with exceptional dimensional accuracy and optimal mechanical characteristics.

An additional ADVANTAGE of this technological improved HP printer is also the fact that we can produce just one piece or a set of pieces in your desired colours (RAL) with some specified text or your logo or even a tracking code. The desired product is the result of a one-off printing process, without additional post working of the parts.

This is how a functional prototype or small series production run, produced on the basis of your exact demands, need and wishes is delivered after having placed your order. This is of enormous help to you and your customers, as the new product on the market is able to be placed more efficiently and faster than those of your competitors. Most of all it is the best way of improving your position on the market and a recipe of how to blow away your competitors.

Therefore, if you would like to stand out and become a leader in development, send your enquiry to: info@chemets.si.

We will help you find a solution which will not only be the best one for you, but also the most efficient.

If, beforehand, you would like to get some additional technical information, call our specialist for the production of plastic parts: +386 040 844 177 (Rok Žvagen).

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