Turnkey metal castings

Are you looking for a quick and reliable »turn-key« castings supplier?

Do you have a 2D sketch and need a 3D computer drawing?

Do you have a foundry, but don’t have your own technologist?

Do you have the need for small-series pieces or prototypes?

Do you often change the shape of a product or need a re-design because of innovations, optimization or the demand for reduced weight of a product?

Does your standard mold and core production technology limit you in the production of complicated or large-scale castings?

Do you have a buyer who wants successive delivery and does not want money tied up in having a large number of products on stock?

Does the storing of wooden models for casting purposes cause you problems?

In the case you are faced with these or similar questions, we are here for you!

Where, and how, can we help you?

With respect to your needs, wishes and demands for a specific product, irrespective of the type of casting required, we provide you with options with regard to speed of production, desired number of castings and price level.

We can execute whichever phase, from the drawing to the casting. If desired, we can also take care of post-finishing work and painting. 

We can help you in the technical preparation of a 3D model for casting on the basis of a sketch or the 3D model of a finished product.

We advise you quickly and with expertise, in addition to which we add the elements of casting technology (casting system, a feeding trough, cold bodies, vents…) to the 3D model. On the basis of your wishes and needs, we also offer you assistance to your team of technologists.

Because we are experts in all types of technology from the foundry field, negative cut, divisions on modelling devices and complicated cores do not pose any kind of problem to us. Also, the size of the product is not an issue. We have the ability to produce models in one piece up to 4mx2mx1m.  

Why trust us?

In the foundry field, we have more than 30 year’s experience in cooperation with companies from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Austria and Germany. We have an expertly trained team with knowledge and experience as well as having a strong knowledge of the foundry market. A wide range of knowledge and expertise in technologies, materials and foundries for aluminum, nodular and grey castings, steel… enable us to execute quickly, with expertise and at a correct price point.

From 2008, we have been a partner of Voxeljet AG, the leading producer of 3D industrial printers and a service provider for the 3D printing of models, cores and wax parts.

In collaboration with us you will:

  • significantly reduce the production time of a desired product
  • optimize preparation costs and production of a casting, product
  • minimize production costs, if you decide for the production of prototypes, or pre-series production castings taking into account the advantages that the 3D production phase of cores and molds offers.
  • offload all worry and burden with regard to the production to us, so that you are able to focus on your main tasks and work.
  • with respect to the specifics of the casting and size of the order, an excellent combination is classically produced models with 3D printed cores.

If you deal in precise castings, we recommend the production of 3D printed wax models. In such a case, check the technological process and optimize your costs before the production of tools for casting wax models and the transition to series production. 3D printed wax models are ideal whenever your needs are for a smaller series, one-off pieces or complicated products.

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