The first trophies made with the help of 3D printing in Slovenia

On Friday the 2nd of August at 16:30, the cycling society of Šenčur is holding a traditional cycling race, the 20th Big Award of Šenčur in memory of Bojan Udovič.

The cycling race is a big attraction, as it takes place in the very centre of Šenčur, along local roads and the city’s streets. This time around the race is dedicated to the memory of Slovenian cyclist, Bojan Udovič, who born on the 22nd of July 1957 in Kranj and tragically passed away in a traffic accident on the 11th of July 2015.

Bojan Udovič was a long term member of KK Sava Kranj, represented Yugoslavia in the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow where he took place in the individual 100 kilometre time trial race, and took 8th place.

For the first time in Slovenia, the trophies for the best placed cyclists in the race were made with the help of a colour 3D printer. They were made by Chemets, the first prototyping centre in Slovenia, which makes small-series colour 3D prints from plastic.

The organisers of the cycling race expressed a wish regarding the inscription and that the trophy would be shaped in the form of a bicycle cog. The idea was realised in only four days, from the draft, to a 3D computer drawing, to positioning the colours on the surface of the cog and finally the 3D prints.

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