3D print and 3D printing – two names for the same technology

A 3D print is the process of producing a three dimensional physical object in whatever shape from a digital model. In a 3D printing additive process, layers of material are applied in different forms.

3D printers for printing use different types of materials – from plastics, paper, polyurethane materials, metals, wax, sand, plaster and others.

3D printing is a technology which allows for the fastest path to a physical model or prototype. It is exact and a fast technology, which allows innovators, developers, constructers, tool-makers and others, who want to bring their ideas to life, to quickly bring them to market.

It also has a number of other advantages:

  • quick production and low costs in developing a specific idea
  • addressing mistakes in the early phases of the development of the product
  • checking dimensions, designs, functionality and ergonometry
  • optimisation of the product before tooling

The technology of 3D printing has a wide field of use. Chemets d.o.o. has, in the field of 3D technologies, more than 25 years of experience and comprehensive knowledge. We work with the automobile and electric industries, architects, industrial designers, start-up entrepreneurs and many different companies who use 3D prints, prototypes and one-off products in promotions and protocol gifts.

The preparation of the procedure for producing a 3D print is simple – we need a digital model (STL or STP data for plastic or foundry forms), the number of desired pieces, the desired surface finish, colour, as well as a short description about the purpose of the product, as on the basis of years of experience we have been advising our clients on the most appropriate method of production.

Already a number of satisfied clients have entrusted us, their stories and products can be found in the links below:

  • Small models for soaps
  • A small mould for biscuits
  • An innovative dog leash
  • Carts for 3D glasses for cinemas
  • Tokio lightning
  • A heel clip for women’s shoes
  • Promotional gift for a Water tower
  • Mesi, a medical device for measuring the ankle index
  • Robo, a therapeutic device for injured heads

It is with pleasure that we encourage innovators to believe in the strength of their own ideas. In the development of ideas to products with the use of the most modern 3D technologies, we produce simple as well as incredibly complex products from a construction point of view, we optimise technological and cost possibilities and reliably produce your prototypes for you in the shortest possible time frames.

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