We couldn’t have made it this far without you by our side.

Every year on the last day of March, it’s Chemets day.

And this year is even more special, as we celebrate thirty years since its establishment.

We couldn’t have made it without your support, excellent business relationships, and perseverance.

Three decades to the leading 3D printing service

The journey here was far from easy. We’ve faced many challenging obstacles but also accomplished enviable successes.

Since the takeover of the company in its worst state, we’ve become the leading 3D printing supplier in our region and a reliable business partner.

And we should remember both sides of our history. We’re proud of all the challenges that crossed our path in the past, as they made us stronger and more confident. But for the future, we source our ambition from pleasant memories and the mission to add new successful chapters to the story of our company.

From modest beginnings to now…

The roots of our business go back to 1984 when my father embarked on a new business path of recycling scrap aluminum. Since the opening in 1990, the company was struck by economic and political changes, especially so by the global recession a decade ago.

But difficult challenges led us to important decisions. We knew that we could overcome the crisis only by providing competitive added value and high flexibility to our clients’ demands.

Strategically, we shifted our business to 3D printing services, which turned out to be a crucial milestone in the history of the company. When this technology was still unknown in our region, we went on and purchased the first professional 3D printer in Slovenia.

And we were driven to do more than just production. Through educating designers and constructors, we’re particularly proud to have added an essential share to the development and knowledge about the 3D printing technology.

Today, our high-quality products and service successfully compete with the best suppliers, both at home and abroad.

… and forward

In the light of the current events that are challenging to say the least, it’s crucial that we revise our past, reevaluate our present and rethink our future.

In the same spirit, we celebrate our business anniversary. The Chemets team is moving forward equipped with positivity, creativity, and goal-oriented mentality. We’re proud and grateful to have you as a co-writer of our story.

Thank you. To all our co-workers, business partners, and our close ones.

Barbara Winkelsmann Hočevar


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